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Hey @ijiLaw @VictorRocha1 @Kevin_J_Weber can you send your e-mail address by DM? Need to send out thoughts on #IMGL tweetup. Thanks! 04:06 PM Apr 16th

Let us know if you'll be in #SanDiego for the conference -- look forward to meeting! #IMGL 01:41 PM Apr 16th

Only one week until the #IMGL conference in #SanDiego. You can sign up & see schedules & speakers here: 01:40 PM Apr 16th

Hey @flgamingwatch: Let us know if you'll be at #IMGL in San Diego next week. We'd love your help with our tweetup project. Thanks! 07:06 PM Apr 15th

If there are any #IMGL members out there or suggested #gaming links from tweeps, please s/o & let us know so we can follow. Thanks! 06:48 PM Apr 15th

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